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The DECAP Robot Band

Written By: Justine - Jul• 02•17

This video was shared on YouTube by Weltemax.  It shows his video of the DECAP Robot Band.  An Ocrchestrion/Automata built in the 1950s. The robots play the instruments via air power.  Only 7 sets were made.

Thank you Weltemax for sharing this!  It brings a smile to my face. I hope it will do that same for you.


A Sweet Soundtrack To Your Sunday Evening.

Written By: Justine - Jun• 05•17

Pockets of Wonder Still Exist

Written By: Justine - Jun• 05•17

Watch as  our friends at “Public Displays of Confection” create  magical rose candy.   Enjoy!  Then follow the link and order some candy for  yourself.

Fun With Crayons!

Written By: Justine - May• 30•17

Insomnia has introduced me to the wonders of YouTube.  The BluRay player has an YouTube app and it has shown me the varied and wonderful world of creating.

I’m waiting to  have an MRI of my noggin and some pituitary function tests.  Until somebody comes up with a treatment plan, I’m going to be rolling with the punches.

In the meantime enjoy Shop Time’s video on  how to make a vase out of crayons.  Enjoy!


Labels Are About How Much Money You Can Waste. Bespoke Is About Luxury

Written By: Justine - May• 28•17

Crashes and crap

Written By: Justine - May• 27•17

I’ve been a computer systems and applications programmer for 30 years.  AAbaco’s hositng of WordPress is the biggest cluster f*&**  I’ve seen.  And I used to code on a bit board and on original dos and with original ‘basic’.  Wordpress is like somebody took good old CICS and put in on crack and then beat it with a golf club and then sold it to the web as a good idea

Designed for 12 year olds who sit up  all night and use their dogs names for passwords.

Time for a new hosting company.


"What's that smell?"

Here She Comes Again……

Written By: Justine - Jul• 19•16

Dancin’ Neath the Starry Skies

It's been a good day.

It’s been a good day.